Directors & Our Members

Our Purpose

The purpose of this corporation is to contribute widely to society by carrying out business related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) presented by the United Nations and become an example to society from the perspective of “honorable wealth,” in which those with social status fulfill their social obligations, and the corporation will carry out the following businesses in order to accomplish this purpose.

(1) Business of scholarships for human resources that are expected to thrive or have a future in environmental preservation, bioethics, medical welfare, food safety, music, and art

(2) Business of education, personnel exchange, and social contribution to enhance professional ethics, humanitarian aid, and ethics in nurturing humanity

(3) Business of operating facilities to disseminate knowledge regarding health, beauty, and anti-aging

(4) All businesses that are ancillary or related to the businesses listed in each of the preceding clauses

Corporate Registration Number: 7010405018555

Appeal for Contributions/Donations and Acceptance of Requests for Support

We kindly ask for contributions and donations from all of you and accept requests for support
Our foundation conducts activities such as social contribution, support of medical welfare, and promotion of art in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as the framework of the United Nations.
We accept valuable funds for our activities from all of you and donate (with our foundation covering shipping costs) masks based on our public appeal (delivering necessary medical materials that are difficult to obtain to those in need) for requests for emergency support through providing masks to medical welfare facilities amid the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Additionally, we would like to assess, organize, and support additional activities for contribution to society so that we can flexibly respond within the range possible to any pleas for assistance that our foundation is not aware of but is able to assist in or resolve.

By all means, please reach out to us through this online form regarding contributions and donations to our foundation, requests for support from our foundation, requests for the resolution of social issues, or concerns about activities.

Although our directors all participate without any compensation, we would be delighted for the opportunity for our foundation to contribute to society.

We are planning and preparing to be able to provide praise and awards to those who have contributed and donated to our foundation.

Institutions that have received donations and support from our foundation through our public appeal for emergency support through masks and medical resources amid COVID-19

<1st round: Recipients and requesters of support through our public appeal>
・Saiseikai Senri Hospital (Osaka Prefecture)

<2nd round: Recipients and requesters of support through our public appeal>
・Teikyo University Hospital (Itabashi City, Tokyo)
・Masaki Clinic (Osaka Prefecture)
・Yashiro Family Clinic (Fukui Prefecture)
・Women and Children Support Center Women’s Net Kobe
・Nakahara Dentistry (Saga City, Saga Prefecture)

(The following received donations at Director Tomura’s personal expense due to the foundation’s shortage of masks in inventory (2nd round))
・Kobe Hokuto Hospital (Hyogo Prefecture)
・Senior Home Hokuto (Hyogo Prefecture)
・Those who need support from WACCA Support for Domestic Violence Victims, Women, and Children (Hyogo Prefecture)
・Nakahara Dentistry (Saga City, Saga Prefecture): The following additional emergency support (Emergency addition of masks, isolation gowns, and face shields)

<Example of an email received with a request for support (partially redacted): The need for further support>

 I recently reached out to single mothers involved with welfare and health care (Domestic Violence prevention activity Center). They are all very troubled for reasons such as the following.

1. I continued studying in nursing school as a single mother and finally began working in a hospital this spring. However, since the hospital only provides 2 masks per week, it would help tremendously to receive masks.

2. I am a single mother working in elderly care and I am getting by with handmade masks because they ran out of the surgical masks they used to provide.

3. I work at a long-term care health facility as an occupational therapist. They provide us 1 mask roughly 3 days out of the week.

4. I am a single mother working for a company. I live with my 2 children, and we ran out of masks. I would be grateful if we could please receive masks, since I use public transportation to commute.

5. I am a single mother working at an infant home. I would be grateful if we could please receive masks, since the infant home has run out.

6. I would like to offer masks for families who come here to shelter after being subject to domestic violence. There are 3 families in a closed shelter and 1 family in an open shelter.

Single mothers are very worried that they would transmit the disease to their children if they are infected. Since many of them cannot receive support from their families, support would be greatly appreciated.

<3rd round: Recipients and requesters of support through our public appeal>
・Ozu Town Silver Welfare Center (Kikuchi District, Kumamoto Prefecture)
・Zenkoku Seishin Shogaisha Network (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
・Nozmi Care Center (Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture)
・Izumino-no-Ie (Okegawa City, Saitama Prefecture)
・Teikyo University Hospital (Itabashi City, Tokyo)

(The following received donations at Director Tomura’s personal expense due to the foundation’s shortage of masks in inventory (3rd round))

・Those who need support from WACCA Support for Domestic Violence Victims, Women, and Children (Hyogo Prefecture): Support through large quantities of masks and food
・Non-woven fabric masks, face shields, and flowers to Yamanaka Urology Clinic (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture)

<4th round: Recipients and requesters of support through our public appeal>
・Kogen Kokoro Clinic (Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture)
・Kobe Tarumi Chidori (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)
・Fukami Internal Medicine Clinic (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)
・Japanese Red Cross Medical Center (Shibuya City, Tokyo)

Photo wedding donation for gratitude and support to medical workers amid COVID-19

We have heard that there have been more than a few people who are struggling with cancellation or postponement of the wedding that they hoped for due to the avoiding the 3 conditions that facilitate infections, preventing spread, and closure of hotels due to the novel coronavirus disease.
Based on the thought that a photo wedding with just the bride and groom while avoiding the 3 conditions that facilitate infections for the medical workers who support the social infrastructure of medical welfare while risking infection could be a gift that supports them with a low risk of infection, even if they cannot have a major reception, Director Tomura proposed this project at his own expense. Please refer to this page for details on the project and public appeal.
We notified the winner of our donation of a photo wedding at Imperial Hotel Tokyo, while we bought and delivered items from Imperial Hotel Tokyo to all of the other applicants.
Below are examples of the messages we received from medical workers with their application.

[Message from medical workers regarding our project (processed anonymously)]

・I am currently working as a nurse in the hospital ward. I wanted to have a wedding, but many venues are closed due to the coronavirus. I became pregnant while discussions about the ceremony stalled. The pandemic has plateaued now, but I had given up on the wedding because I am pregnant. However, I decided to apply because I want to have a photo wedding as a commemoration for the two of us!

・Although every day is painful due to the spread of the coronavirus, I could not resist but to apply when I saw this wonderful project.

・I work as an outpatient worker dealing with fevers for a hospital in Tokyo in order to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. He makes dinner for me, massages me at night, and does a lot for me, since I am having a difficult time physically and mentally. We were scheduled to get married in November but are planning to postpone it because work has made it difficult to even meet my parents and friends. He is also disappointed because he was very much looking forward to it. Therefore, I decided to apply because I want to show my gratitude to him through a photo wedding.

・Since my wedding is scheduled for this year, I had just been thinking that it would be good to take advance photos and prepare presents for my parents in Tokyo, which has many more stores than Nagasaki, during my visit for my friend’s wedding. I decided to apply, thinking it would be nice if it would be possible after the coronavirus settles to do things that I was unable to do.

・I entered the family register due to my pregnancy, but we have not been able to have a ceremony or take wedding photos due to the coronavirus. Therefore, we decided to apply.

・Since we are both nurses, we work with tension toward the coronavirus every day. Seeing this wonderful project, we decided that we would like to do a photo wedding by all means.

・I have been a nurse for 18 years. I was scheduled to have a wedding ceremony in August of this year, but these plans were canceled because my work and the impact of the coronavirus hindered our preparations. I decided to apply, thinking that even the photos alone would be nice.

・I have been working at an infected patient intake hotel as a nurse since May. I also work at the emergency room of a coronavirus patient intake hospital. On a personal note, I had been planning to have a wedding ceremony and reception this autumn, but I had no choice but to delay this event, given that the number of infections has not decreased in Tokyo, and I am working with infected patients. It is an emotionally depressing time, as I see many painful sights, but I decided to apply with a small amount of hope when I discovered this giveaway project that made me happy. I would like you to provide many brides-to-be in the frontline of the medical field with a bit of energy and salvation. Thank you very much.

Words of gratitude from those who received our emergency support through donation of masks and medical resources]

<Example of a warm email request for support from Thursday, May 28th, 2020 (partially redacted)>

I decided to reach out after reading an article about your support. We had been able to stock 2 boxes of flat masks since February, but since these masks were distributed to staff members, the hospital director has had to reuse masks.
Since there is a weekly visit to help the 〇〇 Medical Center in 〇〇 Prefecture, which receives severe coronavirus patients, but it is not even possible to get one high-functioning mask, I decided to shamelessly reach out with the hope of at least receiving enough masks for the days that the hospital director goes to the Medical Center...
If there are many applicants, we would like to withdraw our request since we are a clinic. Please prioritize distribution to staff members at facilities that treat infected patients.
I would like to show my gratitude, because it made me very happy that you are thinking of this kind of support to those involved in health care.
I imagine that there are many people involved in health care who were encouraged to do their best. Thank you very much.
Please be sure to take care of yourselves, as we in regional health care would also like to do our best to provide our best so that inpatient medical institutions do not collapse in autumn and beyond.

<Example of a warm email request for support from Friday, May 29th, 2020 (partially redacted)>

Thank you very much for your correspondence. I am grateful that you have shown so much consideration for such a small medical facility as ours, despite the fact that I applied mistakenly. I properly told our director about your warm consideration, and we will use them with care.
Regarding the point that Mr. Tomura’s relatives are working on the medical frontline for the novel pneumonia, this is something that is difficult to do without a sense of mission. I express my gratitude while also wishing that you take care of yourselves until matters have settled.
At our clinic, we also hope to cooperate no matter how small our impact is so that we can reduce the burden on inpatient hospitals to the best of our meager ability while protecting both patients and staff members.
Thank you also for visiting our clinic’s home page (it is embarrassing that we have not had the chance to update it for a while).
Although clinics have an inescapable form of stress as the gatekeepers of regional health care that must discover diseases from patient claims, all of our staff members receive energy and a sense of purpose from the patients and the opportunity to directly hear words of gratitude.
When we go to the general hospital to provide aid and visit the patients before their procedures, their tension loosens a bit and they feel at ease. They also come speak to the director during outpatient visits. These instances make us rediscover the role of regional health care as an important presence for patients.
Since general hospitals also serve the role of foundation hospitals, both our staff members and our director believe that valuing the time to listen to patients and provide clear explanations instead of the busy hospitals is another role of regional health care.
Our director is also from Osaka Prefecture, as 〇〇 is, and I also worked in the operation room as your wife does when I was working at the university hospital. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I felt a strong sense of familiarity reading your email.
Since our director only thinks of our patients and staff members and has no interest in management, it would be great if 〇〇’s specialized insights can be shared when the opportunity presents itself.
When a patient with trouble hearing came to our clinic the other day, it was difficult to communicate by writing alone. Therefore, our director made a clear mask by hand to provide relief by being able to read the lips.
We cannot take significant actions at our clinic, but we value the accumulation of small actions that are only possible at a clinic and wish to continue to be a small clinic in town that each and every patient feels close to.
I hope for your increasing success.

<Example of a warm email regarding support through donations from Sunday, May 31st, 2020 (partially redacted)>

I am 〇〇〇〇, the Hospital Director.
I thank you sincerely for your consideration in sending valuable medical resources. I am truly surprised that you would take the effort to send them to us.
This is very helpful, as staff members have been using masks for several days recently.
Things have changed drastically since just several months ago, as we always use masks during diagnoses every day, wash our hands and gargle after each patient, do not speak for too long from too close, and pay special attention to examinations that happen up close.
The 〇〇〇 department has many elderly patients, and staff members have been more attentive than ever, opening all windows, maintaining distance between people in the reception, and disinfecting whenever possible.
Under these circumstances, we were very happy that you would shift your attention to us, despite the fact that we are just a regional medical institution.
We never imagined that you would consider our day-to-day tasks.
Furthermore, I offer my deepest gratitude for the fact that the support and cooperation has come at your own expense.
We always strive to be a medical institution that patients can visit with peace of mind despite the coronavirus.
In addition, we hope to be a medical institution that makes progress by constantly accumulating small considerations and small acts of mindfulness.
We highly value the wonderful cheer of the flowers that support our hearts.
Please take care of yourselves, and I hope for your increasing success.
Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.
Hospital Director 〇〇〇〇

Thank you for the thoughtful flowers. We have put them on display in the reception area immediately.
We are concerned by the news that the second wave may hit Tokyo.
We hope that all of you take care of yourselves and your families.
Nurse 〇〇〇〇

<Example of a warm email regarding support through donations from Friday, June 12th, 2020 (partially redacted)>

Thank you very much for your support through donation of masks and alcohol-based disinfectant.
I share my deep and sincere gratitude.

All of the staff members are also full of gratitude.

Although we at the 〇〇〇〇 department are not directly involved with treatment of the novel coronavirus, we will continue to strive to support the minds of our patients in the region to the best of our meager ability.

Together with all of you, we hope that containment and peaceful days come as soon as possible.

It is a shame that I cannot thank you in person, and please forgive me for showing my gratitude through an email.

As the hot weather will continue from here on out, please take care of yourselves.

〇〇 Prefecture 〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇 〇〇 〇〇

Restrictions on the Acceptance of Donations

We cannot accept donations with the following conditions and donations from individuals, corporations, or organizations that are confirmed as anti-social forces or individuals, corporations, or organizations that are confirmed to impede our operations.

1. Donations that are prohibited by law (Public Office Election Law Article 199 Section 2 (Prohibition of donations by candidates for public office), Section 3 (Prohibition of donations by companies related to candidates for public office), Section 4 (Prohibition of donations by organizations bearing the name of candidates for public office), and Local Finance Act Article 4 Section 5 (Prohibition of allotted donations))

2. Donations that are not appropriate to be received when considering public orders and morality, conventional wisdom, and an ethical perspective

3. Donations involving the receipt by a corporation of an asset with conditions allowing the donor to use or receive it without compensation

4. Donations resulting in academic research or other activities producing intellectual property rights with conditions allowing the donor to use or receive them without compensation

5. Donations with conditions involving the donor tied to their use outside of confirmation by our foundation

6. Donations with conditions allowing the donor to voluntarily revoke the entirety or a portion of them

7. Other donations that the chief director deems to cause impediments